Project meeting 9: 3 February 2015

Thanks everyone, once again, for another productive meeting yesterday, and for sharing the load of the remaining tasks. You all have your own notes of who’s doing what so I won’t try to list them here! But don’t forget to be promoting the event within your networks.

I’ll be in touch soon with the final draft of the poster/leaflet.


Here are the dates of the final meetings:

Flyers and poster circulation: Thursday 12 February, 2pm

Amy, Elaine and Lotte meeting to plot placement in gallery: Thursday 19 February, 2pm

Final meeting and practice run!: Tuesday 24 February, 12.30-2pm

Final event: Thursday 26 February, 1-4.30pm (we’ll need to arrive a little before to set up)


At the practice run, we all need to bring exactly what we’re going to show, and think about what we want to communicate. A few prompts (off the top of my head):

– what your research is about

– why it’s interesting for you

– what you’re hoping it might lead to in the future

– input you might want from those who come along (suggestions, opinions, ideas, experiences, memories)

If anyone else has any good prompts then please circulate them to us all by email!


Project meeting 8: 14 January 2015

Happy new year everyone!

We had a productive meeting at the gallery on Wednesday, which was very much helped by Lotte’s input. We revisited the post-it note plans and firmed up arrangements for promoting the event, and for the practicalities.

Below is a very quick summary of the tasks being undertaken. If anyone who wasn’t at the meeting wants to volunteer to help with any of these tasks, please shout!!

Lotte has now made the listing on the gallery website, which we can use as the ‘master’ source:

Next meeting: Tuesday 3 February, 11am, at the gallery

Lotte – gallery monthly programme flyer, listing on gallery website, e-newsletter, various online event listings, FUAM meeting 2nd February
Amy – will put final details as front page on blog
Lee – post to Artynet (end Jan and a few days before event)
Amy – post to Pepnet (“)
Lee – use Jadu to make listing on Arts faculty webpage
Laura – investigate using Jadu to make PVAC listing (liaise with Lee & PVAC contact)
Laura – contact Leeds College of Music, Leeds College of Art re students attending
Amy – design leaflet and poster using gallery/uni logos (uni logo bottom right!)
All of us – promote within our own Schools to staff and students
All of us – promote within our own networks, particularly to groups who might be interested (e.g. music, cinema, textiles)

* Share out circulation of leaflets/posters once we have them printed
* Design event ‘trail map’ incorporating space for feedback nearer the time

Daniel – investigate tables
Amy – investigate easels
Lotte – order tea/coffee, assorted sliced cake, flapjacks & brownies – confirm numbers nearer the time
Laura – email Sarah re helping on the day (invite to 3rd Feb meeting)
Amy – email Caroline and Maria re helping on the day (invite to 3rd Feb meeting)
Amy – ask PhD student Valentina about taking photos

Project meeting 7: 17 December 2014

Today we met and discussed our objects and the key points we want to communicate in relation to them.

We decided on a revised date for the event: Thursday 26th February. **If this date is a problem for you, please speak up now**

We also revised the time, so that everyone can attend for the whole thing, to 1-4.30pm. (We did say 5, but afterwards I thought 4.30 was better to give time for packing up, as Lotte mentioned.)

We also managed to decide on the event’s subtitle, meaning that the main blurb is finished – check it out at the end of this post.

Homework! By Wednesday 7th January please email to Amy:

– a short title and 40-word abstract for your objects/research (remember to target it at a non-academic, non-specialist audience)

– a landscape image relating to your object/research (at high resolution – and make sure it’s either your own copyright or you have permission from the copyright holder)

– a link or two to further information about your work/research project (e.g. staff/student page, research project website)

We’ll use this information in our publicity and at the event itself.

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 14th January, 12pm, at the gallery – we need to make definite plans for marketing the event, and revisit the post-it note plan for the practicalities.

CURIOUS ENCOUNTERS with objects from past, present and future

Thursday, 26 February 2015, 1-4.30pm.

The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds

Come along to The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery at the University of Leeds to experience an interactive pop-up exhibition showcasing the curious and inspiring work of researchers specialising in design, textiles, film, archives and music.

The researchers will present an array of curious objects for you to handle, and be on hand ready to share the hidden stories of their research and each of their objects. Inspired by the Gallery’s current exhibition, Nostalgia and Progress: Illustration after the Second World War, expect to hear about projects which connect the past, present and future. Discover, for example, research which aims to revitalise materials and processes from the past and explores their potential for the future. Or meet researchers working with archival collections, whose work addresses the issue of what we should keep – and how that material might be used. Meanwhile, consider the overall experience as an attempt to challenge how objects are displayed within a museum or gallery space and how complex the layers of history and meaning can be behind each and every item on view. Staff from The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery will also be on hand to share the stories behind their own collection of objects.

This will be an interactive and informative event open to all members of the public from 1pm to 4.30pm.

Project meeting 6: 3 December 2014

More excellent progress made today!

We decided to change the date of the event from Wednesday 25 February, as there’s a big open day happening in Parkinson Court that day. We’re currently considering alternatives – watch this space for options!

Regarding the audience, we decided to run the event from 12-4pm on a drop-in basis for members of the public. (There is a plan for targeting particular groups, e.g. using the gallery’s newsletter, and people from within the university.) As we anticipate that more people will drop in between 12 and 2, we’ll also invite two groups from nearby institutions – Leeds College of Art and Leeds College of Music – at 2pm and 3pm (saying maximum 20 places at each session). We decided to provide tea/coffee and cake at the end of the trail! Thanks to Laura, Elaine and Montu for doing the groundwork for all this last week.

The event description is mostly finalised – I’ll post it here when it’s definite. We agreed on a title: ‘Curious Encounters’. But we still need a subtitle that mentions objects, past/present/future, research… answers on a postcard please! The description will be used for web listings, email invitations etc. We can edit a shorter version for a poster, and there’s scope for a longer version, with a short description of each person’s object/research, which we could use on a leaflet and on the trail ‘map’ itself (thanks to Lee for that suggestion).

We’ll start work on inviting people and publicising the event in January. But first – homework!

For our meeting on the 17th December, 12-1pm:

– Bring your ‘curious object(s)’

– And the key points you want to communicate

– We also need to decide on the subtitle for the event

By Wednesday 7th January, send to Amy by email:

– A short title and 40-word ‘abstract’ for your object/research

– A landscape image relating to your object/research (if that seems like a challenge, we can discuss it on the 17th)

– One link to further information about your work (e.g. individual website, staff/student webpage, research project page)

Project meeting 5: 19 November 2014

I’m going to try to summarise what happened at this week’s meeting through the medium of photographs of post-it notes.

First of all – not documented in post-it note format! – we discussed a draft blurb for the event I had written. Lotte is checking this at the moment, and I will recirculate it for final comments when it’s been finalised.

Then, we brainstormed all the jobs we could think of that would need doing to make the event run smoothly – and roughly organised them into a timeline, from now (at left) to the event in February (at right):


That photos’s a bit small to be legible, so here’s the left hand side again – from now to Christmas:


And here’s the right hand side – from Christmas to the event at the end of February:


Finally, we planned our next 2 meetings.

The first of these will be on Wednesday 3rd December, 12-1pm, at the gallery. We’ll split into smaller groups to plan (a) who we’re inviting, and for which time slots; and (b) what publicity material we’ll need to contact those groups.

The last meeting before Christmas will be on Wednesday 17th December, 12-1pm, at the gallery. Each of us will bring the ‘curious object/s’ we plan to exhibit, along with the key points we want to communicate.


Project meeting 3: 29 October 2014

A quick summary of the meeting – we agreed to go ahead with the plan to run our public engagement project at the Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, to run alongside their Nostalgia & Progress exhibition.

We’ll hold our next meeting at the gallery, so we can see the space and meet Lotte Inch, who is responsible for marketing and events there. Laura will be sorting out a Doodlepoll to arrange a time that we’re all available in the next couple of weeks.