Visitor feedback

Responses to ‘are you inspired to do anything new?’:

Think about how things can be taken apart

Maybe use Pararchive for my research

Paint, recycle textiles and watch The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Yes, I would know traditional smocking, and differentces between DVD or Blu Ray

I may do some research for each idea.

Looking into historic textile techniques

Further research into my own study

Yes, to check out and notice different versions of films

Maybe Look into ecofriendly dyes

Possibly – start knitting again

Will be thinking about it

Maybe some needlework

Yes, the Pararchive website looks like a great resource for groupwork and for discussion.

Smocking has inspired me to take up more crafts.

Learn about wool’s absorbent properties

Think about recycling fabric

Eat cake. Use wool.

Look into wool’s smell properties


Follow up the pararchive

Read Archives

Start digitising my films that are slowly degrading!

Responses to ‘is there anything else you would like to say about the gallery, the event or our research?’:

Really good to find out about the research going on in the university – more expanding on the theme would be great

Excellent venue, will visit again!

Beautiful art pieces. Makes me want to have some of them in my house.

It’s interesting 🙂

Was a well set out gallery. I liked the artwork as well as the interactive side.

It’s interesting to be given the ability to speak to researchers during an exhibition and to discuss your own ideas.

All good. We should do more of this.

Interesting. Nice venue, nice cake.

I like it very much, even though I hadn’t much time time to enjoy it.

Always very interesting and stimulating

Lovely gallery and innovative research

Great to have these resources at work

It was quite good


It’s excellent

Very good, keep it up! 🙂

This was the first time I visited the archive and I was also very impressed by the permanent exhibition.

It was such a great experience

This kind of event was quite good

Absolutely brilliant exhibition; illustration has been enormously important to me. Great to see the engagement.

I really loved the gallery – this is my first visit.

Great gallery

Really enjoyed it

Very interesting!

It was a really interesting event – hope there are more of them! Cake good – excellent idea.

An array of fantastic and diverse subject areas! I’d love to come back to another event.

Gorgeous collection of paintings


Friendly service from staff

More promotion – many students did not know about it

Liked the graphic art (2014) with the Tour de Yorkshire cyclist on it

It’s a nice format to get to know other people’s research! Please more of it!

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